Food…glorious food

Ahhh, Instagram. You have forever changed the way people eat. In the days gone by , a meal was mostly a meal...hopefully enjoyed with good company and at least a glass or two of vino. But in today's society, it almost seems sacrilegious to not spend hours styling and photographing your food, even if it [...]

The digital future of food and nutrition

With more than 80% of Australians owning a smartphone, there is no doubt that mobile and digital technology, as well as the never-ending rise of social media, has had a significant impact on food trends and our beliefs and behaviors around food and nutrition. Changing Dinner Plates Gone are the days when family members would [...]

Winning in mobile

I recently attended a presentation by McCann Health, showcasing the latest trends in how Healthcare Professionals are using digital channels. In Australia, nearly 90% of these Healthcare Professionals use a smartphone for professional purposes and unsurprisingly, the majority will abandon a company website if they cannot easily access relevant information from their mobile device. Most [...]

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