10 business lessons from an unforgettable year

2020 - the year that no-one will ever forget, even though most would like to. Some birthdays can be like that too, bringing back not-so-good memories of the previous year. But even with the shitty parts of a year, which almost everyone on the planet has endured this year, birthdays are still a celebration of [...]

All it takes is 4 words

If a client comes to see you for nutrition advice on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle goal, most of us would have no hesitation in working out a plan to help the client achieve this goal. The plan would include a strategy, specific tactics, measures and ongoing reviews to determine how the plan is [...]

10 things I have learned in my first year

Today is my first birthday. A little over a year ago I left the constraints of a corporate job with very little flexibility for growth and a work ethic more aligned to an outdated school system as opposed to an innovative company. With trepidation and a lot of blank spaces in my new business plan, [...]

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