FoodBytes initially undertook a scoping review of the available literature to discern the types and categories of research to include in the report. This was an important part of the project given the vast amount of research relating to EVOO. A suggestion of key topics and outline of the report was created. The team then critically reviewed all available literature and created a fully referenced health and nutrition report summarising the research findings into content that can be applied in a practical clinical setting.

In addition to writing the content, the FoodBytes team provided input into the design process to create infographics and content features that could be leveraged as standalone items and communicated via social media and other platforms.

Teri Lichtenstein, APD and director of Foodbytes, presented the report findings at a lunch launch event with dietitians and other key influencers. The report is featured on The Olive Wellness Institute website and has been downloaded by numerous health professionals as a valuable resource to promote consumption of EVOO.

The report is available to download