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FoodBytes is a nutrition marketing consultancy directed by Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited practising dietitian (APD),  sports dietitian and accredited nutritionist with over 20 years experience in nutrition communications within the food and healthcare industries.

You can read more about Teri’s experience on LinkedIn.

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An excellent strategy is only as successful as the people who drive it, so we always align your external efforts with your internal conditions.

We have a deep understanding of the the diverse factors that influence nutrition and health, as well as insights into the best way to communicate with a variety of healthcare professionals.

All our services evolve around credible nutrition communications that will achieve engagement with your audience and resonate to achieve an impact.

Instagram Feed:
Celebrating the end of the summer season last night with this easy peasy summer slice from @inpraiseofveg made with luscious summer tomatoes and zucchini at their best. The only problem was I had planned on leftovers for lunch but my teenage son managed to gobble up three big slices to feed his never-ending growth spurt. Lesson learned- next time double the recipe!
My husband and I have come to the Mornington Peninsula for the weekend as my kids are interstate for a sports carnival. One of my favourite things about going away is preparing simple, but delicious meals as I have time compared to the hecticness of regular life. Today’s breakfast was homemade granola with summer berries, passionfruit and @barambahorganics bush honey yoghurt.
Another fabulous @aussieonions farm tour organised by @bitecommunications and @straight_to_the_source , this time visiting the wonderful family team at @qualipac farm in Queensland. We were welcomed with delicious onion tarts by @sproutartisanbakery and got to see onions in the ground (which were unfortunately severely damaged by a hail storm less than a week ago 😢). Our group of chefs and dietitians were then treated to a 5-course onion-inspired private lunch at @shortgrainbymb featuring red and white Australian onions in all the dishes, including dessert, which was a yellow bean pudding with caramelised onions. It’s days like today that I think how lucky I am to be a dietitian and bring the humble onion hero to life and share its amazing nutrition benefits and flavour profile with like minded foodies!
Another fabulous event showcasing the ‘humble hero’ onion to a group of chefs and dietitians at @mitolofamilyfarms in South Australia. @karena_armstrong from @salopianinn cooked up a scrumptious 3-course lunch featuring onions cooked in a myriad of ways across all dishes and @rose.kentish  prepared amazing cocktails to match using @fullcirclespirits and Pundi botanical bitters. It’s been such a pleasure working with @straight_to_the_source and @bitecommunications to showcase the incredible nutrition and culinary benefits of @aussieonions . This vegetable is a true nutrition ninja with so much goodness beneath the layers. If you want to find out more, visit the Aussie Onions website, which features a range of resources for dieitians.
Today I joined some of my running friends who were doing the Melbourne marathon (I was doing a training run for New York marathon in 3 weeks). Along a main Melbourne road, were posters of innocent victims, from children through to the elderly, who have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. This evil attack has reverberated around the world and today whilst runners were out celebrating life, we were reminded that 150 innocent people were cruelly dragged from their homes, simply because cause they are Jewish. This is the first time I have used this platform to post this type of content and it certainly isn’t aligned with any “brand positioning”. I am a proud Jew and I also support a two-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can live in harmony side by side. If you disagree with me or don’t like what I say, you are welcome to unfollow. But I cannot, and will not, sit in silence and not call out the evil of Hamas for what it is, and neither should you! This is not an organisation who cares about Palestinians, this is an organisation whole sole reason for being is to kill every living Jew and destroy the state of Israel. It has been an awful week for Jews all over the world. Thank-you to my friends and colleagues that have reached out with support, it means a lot.
Make your own taco night - bbq chicken tenderloins, shredded cabbage, slow roasted corn, guacamole, lettuce, Israeli salad and home made pickled radish. #familydinner❤️
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