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Welcome to Food Bytes

FoodBytes is a nutrition marketing consultancy directed by Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited practising dietitian (APD),  sports dietitian and accredited nutritionist with over 20 years experience in nutrition communications within the food and healthcare industries.

You can read more about Teri’s experience on LinkedIn.

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An excellent strategy is only as successful as the people who drive it, so we always align your external efforts with your internal conditions.


We have a deep understanding of the the diverse factors that influence nutrition and health, as well as insights into the best way to communicate with a variety of healthcare professionals.


All our services evolve around credible nutrition communications that will achieve engagement with your audience and resonate to achieve an impact.


How gorgeous are these cookies that were gifted to me by @bakersworkshopmelb . Really delicious and yummy edible icing. Almost too pretty to eat….but I managed 🤪 ...

A special cake for a special young lady celebrating her batmitzvah this evening. Thanks @thekitchencornerau for the deliciousness. At first I felt bad eating this work of art, but after the first mouthful all those feelings disappeared 🤣 ...

Tomorrow my 11 year old daughter goes back to school in real life, after many many days of the home school slog. This lockdown in Melbourne has by far been the hardest for our family, much more so than Melbourne’s long dark winter of 2020. My daughter struggled a lot through many days. Days where it was just too hard to take part in another zoom lesson. Days when it was all too much to deal with school camp being cancelled for the second year in a row. Days when our family were snapping and biting at each other, all of us yearning for freedom from our own version of Covid shackles. But amidst the gloom there were the rays of glitter. Like when I made my morning chai latte and she asked for one too. Or when I would on the rare occasion be invited with her on a lunch time walk with the dog. And the glances I would steal as I watched her through the window take part in online dance classes. There were days where we would cook in the kitchen together which were my favourite silver lining moments of this Covid prison. Today we made these chocolate coated strawberries after home school. Whilst I am realistic that there may still be periods of school shutdowns in the weeks to come, this felt like a sweet end to a period when she is still in my every day life. At least Covid has given me that, a final chance to be amidst her world, before she escapes into her teenage realm which I can only visit in my dreams. ...

I feel like I too have been in isolation these past two weeks after my favourite bakery @bakerbleu was closed due to a Covid case. Sooooo good to be back there early this morning and come home with the best ever spelt bread and these to-die-for cinnamon scrolls. #wearebackbaby ...

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