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More to processing than meets the eye

The majority of our modern food supply and virtually everything we put in our mouths is processed to some degree - whether that be frozen, chopped, cleaned, blended, dehydrated, heated and more. Indeed, food processing is a spectrum, with various terms used to define the level of processing used. Highly refined foods like yogurt, olive [...]

10 business lessons from an unforgettable year

2020 - the year that no-one will ever forget, even though most would like to. Some birthdays can be like that too, bringing back not-so-good memories of the previous year. But even with the shitty parts of a year, which almost everyone on the planet has endured this year, birthdays are still a celebration of [...]

A world of cherry wonder

Last month, I was  invited by the Victorian Cherry Association and Vikki Leng Enterprises to visit one of the  many Victorian cherry orchards that us Melbournians are lucky enough to have (almost) on our doorstep. Australians love cherries, especially at Christmas time. Our country produces about 15,000 tonnes of cherries every year, with the [...]

When a cupcake aint just a cupcake

Do you know that there are over 14 million photos on Instagram with the hashtag #cupcake? And just like freakshakes , what most of these cupcakes taste like is usually besides the point, as it’s all about the way they Instagram, Snapchat or hashtag. Photo by Insataible Munch (Flickr) Side note: Does anyone actually eat [...]

You built it…did they come?

I remember watching the movie "Julie and Julia" about Julie Powell who wrote a blog chronicling her attempt to cook all the recipe's in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. When Julie wrote her first few posts, she was not surprised that no-one had read her online thoughts. However, quite quickly her followers [...]

Winning in mobile

I recently attended a presentation by McCann Health, showcasing the latest trends in how Healthcare Professionals are using digital channels. In Australia, nearly 90% of these Healthcare Professionals use a smartphone for professional purposes and unsurprisingly, the majority will abandon a company website if they cannot easily access relevant information from their mobile device. Most [...]

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