About Teri Lichtenstein

Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. Director of FoodBytes, a nutrition and digital marketing consultancy.

Food…glorious food

Ahhh, Instagram. You have forever changed the way people eat. In the days gone by , a meal was mostly a meal...hopefully enjoyed with good company and at least a glass or two of vino. But in today's society, it almost seems sacrilegious to not spend hours styling and photographing your food, even if it [...]

Nutrition facts vs. fallacy

Last night, I watched a fascinating episode of the Catalyst, which focussed on the latest research to determine any possible links between nutrition, gut bacteria and health. It certainly was a fascinating topic, especially the faecal implant experiments, which would not be your average dinner conversation topic! But what struck me more so than the [...]

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