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3008, 2017

When a cupcake aint just a cupcake

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Do you know that there are over 14 million photos on Instagram with the hashtag #cupcake? And just like freakshakes , what most of these cupcakes taste like is usually besides the point, as it’s all about the way they Instagram, Snapchat or hashtag. Photo by Insataible Munch (Flickr) Side note: Does anyone actually eat these freak shakes? Like many people, I have been known to get lost down the rabbit hole of my Instagram feed, gazing longingly at these gorgeous cupcakes and trying desperately to channel my inner Martha Stewart. Yet, I am enough of a pessimist realist to know that there is a major disconnect between Instagram Food and the actual reality behind said food. “Instagram food is almost always something to be obtained, rather than cooked or created. It’s elusive and aspirational, [...]

403, 2017

Food…glorious food

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Ahhh, Instagram. You have forever changed the way people eat. In the days gone by , a meal was mostly a meal...hopefully enjoyed with good company and at least a glass or two of vino. But in today's society, it almost seems sacrilegious to not spend hours styling and photographing your food, even if it seems as ridiculous as this. So a few weeks ago, I decided the best approach was "if you can't beat ' may as well join 'em" when I attended a fabulous foodie event hosted by The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, McKenzies and Edgells to celebrate legumes and learn some food styling tips while we were at it. At a fabulous warehouse event, dietitian Lyndi Cohen informed us about the many many health benefits of the often neglected humble bean (and [...]

2710, 2016

The Not-So-Terrible Two’s

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Last month my business turned two years old. As a two-year-old toddler, I am still learning the ways of the business world and embracing my new found independence. Yet at the same time I feel like an old soul with greater wisdom learned during the last two years than all the previous employment lives that I have lead. Around this time last year, I shared my thoughts on what I had learned in the first year of running my own business.  Last week, I was reminded of how much I have grown, when I was cleaning my house and came across a document from my previous employer. Something I had not shared in my first birthday post was how dreadfully unhappy I was towards the end of my 10-year career at my previous job. I experienced [...]

2709, 2016

Try For 5

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In a couple of week's time it is National Nutrition Week, with the theme of “Try for 5”, where dietitians and nutrition professionals all over Australia will be encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables. This got me thinking…what if nutrition professionals themselves acted on this advice to help ensure the digital health of their brands and businesses? Perhaps if we all agreed to “Try for 5” social media conversations each week, we could start to shape the nature of these conversations, or at the very least have a stronger voice amongst the online communities. A couple of week’s ago I attended the Problogger Event in Gold Coast, where the theme was all about more action and less procrastination. So in the spirit of good nutrition for our bodies as well as our online brands, [...]

1007, 2016

The funny side of food

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When it comes to creating content on social media that really engages an audience, one of the best ways to do this is by using humour and entertainment. After all, we humans love a good laugh and most of us started using social media in the first place as a way to be entertained by our friends and family (and of course cat videos!) Food is the perfect folder for creating entertainment social media content. There are some creative geniuses out there who have taken the mundane and turned it into something that will elicit a quiet chuckle and a smile. Here are some of my favourite funny food posts that I have come across over the last few weeks.    Credit: Instagram @cuddlesandrage    Credit: Instagram @gabrielletozer    Credit: Instagram @tomatomelb    Credit: Instagram @gormanstein [...]

606, 2016

The digital future of food and nutrition

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With more than 80% of Australians owning a smartphone, there is no doubt that mobile and digital technology, as well as the never-ending rise of social media, has had a significant impact on food trends and our beliefs and behaviors around food and nutrition. Changing Dinner Plates Gone are the days when family members would all eat the same stock standard dinner of roast and three veg. Nowadays, there is more likely to be a different meal at every place, from mom’s paleo to dad’s high protein and each child a separate allergy-friendly meal. And of course, there will most likely be the obligatory smartphone sitting next to the fork. Google vs. Dietitians People are moving away from tertiary qualified nutrition experts and instead visiting doctor Google and following the advice of every day consumers [...]

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