When it comes to creating content on social media that really engages an audience, one of the best ways to do this is by using humour and entertainment.

After all, we humans love a good laugh and most of us started using social media in the first place as a way to be entertained by our friends and family (and of course cat videos!)

Food is the perfect folder for creating entertainment social media content. There are some creative geniuses out there who have taken the mundane and turned it into something that will elicit a quiet chuckle and a smile.

Here are some of my favourite funny food posts that I have come across over the last few weeks.

banana @cuddlesandrage   Credit: Instagram @cuddlesandrage

baby @gabrielletozer   Credit: Instagram @gabrielletozer

digestion @tomatomelb   Credit: Instagram @tomatomelb

mango @gormanstein   Credit: Instagram @gormanstein

sausage #thetoemas   Credit: Thetoemas

scone with the wind @ezetie   Credit: Instagram @ezetie

scrambled eggs @punnypixels   Credit: Instagram @punnypixels

sugar #keren   Credit: Keren

wrap salad @gemmacorrel   Credit: Instagram @gemmacorrel

blind date #scottmendenhall   Credit: Scottmendenhall