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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health and Nutrition Report

FoodBytes initially undertook a scoping review of the available literature to discern the types and categories of research to include in the report. This was an important part of the project given the vast amount of research relating to EVOO. A suggestion of key topics and outline of the report was created. The team [...]

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More to processing than meets the eye

The majority of our modern food supply and virtually everything we put in our mouths is processed to some degree - whether that be frozen, chopped, cleaned, blended, dehydrated, heated and more. Indeed, food processing is a spectrum, with various terms used to define the level of processing used. Highly refined foods like yogurt, olive [...]

10 business lessons from an unforgettable year

2020 - the year that no-one will ever forget, even though most would like to. Some birthdays can be like that too, bringing back not-so-good memories of the previous year. But even with the shitty parts of a year, which almost everyone on the planet has endured this year, birthdays are still a celebration of [...]

Food Frontier: Plant-based meat – a healthier choice?

The aim of the study was to compare the nutrition averages of plant-based meat categories to similarly processed, conventional meats, from sausages and burgers to chicken-style pieces and more. The study further explored other health impacts of plant-based meats, from processing to ingredients, as well as the individual and public health risks associated with [...]

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Dairy Australia: Dispelling myths

Working within the “Dairy Matters” online campaign, the FoodBytes team created compelling and evidence-based responses to consumer questions about dairy health and nutrition. The tone and content was designed to present the facts in a non-defensive way and include substantiated statements to dispel myths and provide a trusted source of relevant and information. [...]

Bialik College: Bringing nutrition into the wellness program

FoodBytes developed and executed a range of nutrition seminars for students across primary and high school ages using credible nutrition content that was delivered in a fun and engaging manner based on the ages of the children. The seminars included interactive trivia games, food activities and engaging videos. The students feedback was [...]

Australian Onions: raising the nutrition profile

Together with industry colleagues, we developed a suite of resources including a literature review of the health benefits of onions, a report outlining the allowed nutrition and health claims as per Australian food and consumer law, creation of key messages and media statements for future media campaigns, a keyword research report to optimise [...]

BARLEYmax: A health professional communications strategy

Developed a robust 3 year strategic brand plan that included a broad range of health professional marketing activities. We worked with The Healthy Grain team to host seminars at dietitian conferences, commissioned a systematic literature review to develop a unique health claim, developed a scientific report summarising all the research and [...]

A world of cherry wonder

Last month, I was  invited by the Victorian Cherry Association and Vikki Leng Enterprises to visit one of the  many Victorian cherry orchards that us Melbournians are lucky enough to have (almost) on our doorstep. Australians love cherries, especially at Christmas time. Our country produces about 15,000 tonnes of cherries every year, with the [...]

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