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FoodBytes is a nutrition marketing consultancy directed by Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited practising dietitian (APD),  sports dietitian and accredited nutritionist with over 20 years experience in nutrition communications within the food and healthcare industries.

You can read more about Teri’s experience on LinkedIn.

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An excellent strategy is only as successful as the people who drive it, so we always align your external efforts with your internal conditions.


We have a deep understanding of the the diverse factors that influence nutrition and health, as well as insights into the best way to communicate with a variety of healthcare professionals.


All our services evolve around credible nutrition communications that will achieve engagement with your audience and resonate to achieve an impact.


A simple, yet delicious working lunch today. With the glorious Autumn sunshine we’re having in Melbourne today (yes, we do sometimes get warm days believe it or not), it felt fitting to eat the last remnants of summer foods. I made a pasta sauce with the last of my homemade passata, garlic, black olives and anchovies, topped with freshly grated Parmesan and the last few bits of my summer basil that is also enjoying an extended season of growth. It feels like a delicious goodbye to sandals, endless daylight and poolside icy poles. I will sure miss it! ...

I picked up a huge punnet of portobello mushrooms at the green grocer today for $2 (so cheap!). Tonight I topped them with fresh garlic, rosemary from my garden, a drizzle of EVOO, pesto and my favourite @meredithdairy feta cheese. Then grilled for 10 minutes before devouring. ...

Dinner tonight thanks to a home meal delivery kit from @atlasmasterclass - tonight was Korean barbecued beef with bulgogi sauce and lettuce cups. This is the second time I have ordered from @charliesatlas restaurant and I am really impressed. The ingredients are high quality and we always have leftovers for the next day. The best part for me though is having my whole family try new cuisines....I mean who would have thought my kids would ever eat something called bulgogi sauce! 🤣 ...

There is something immensely satisfying about pulling out veges that you have grown from teeny weeny seeds. These carrots took sooo long to grow and were pretty small, but the kids and I were super chuffed nonetheless. ...

Poolside lunch on this stunning Autumn day ☀️ Mexican salad with guacamole, braised corn kernels and grated haloumi cheese. ...

2208, 2020

Food Frontier: Plant-based meat – a healthier choice?

The aim of the study was to compare the nutrition averages of plant-based meat categories to similarly processed, conventional meats, from sausages and burgers to chicken-style pieces and more. The study further explored other health impacts of plant-based meats, from processing to ingredients, as [...]

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