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FoodBytes is a nutrition marketing consultancy directed by Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited practising dietitian (APD),  sports dietitian and accredited nutritionist with over 20 years experience in nutrition communications within the food and healthcare industries.

You can read more about Teri’s experience on LinkedIn.

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An excellent strategy is only as successful as the people who drive it, so we always align your external efforts with your internal conditions.


We have a deep understanding of the the diverse factors that influence nutrition and health, as well as insights into the best way to communicate with a variety of healthcare professionals.


All our services evolve around credible nutrition communications that will achieve engagement with your audience and resonate to achieve an impact.


Sunday night dinner - a health(ier) version of fish and chips. I picked up some delicious gurnard from cripps_family_seafood at the farmers market yesterday (for all the flathead lovers out there - gurnard tastes almost exactly the same but is MUCH cheaper than flathead). I lightly pan fried it in EVOO and ghee and served it with stir fried cauli blossom and broccolini, as well as some potatoes I cooked for about 3 hours till they were oh so crispy and moorish. ...

Last week, together with the @straight_to_the_source and @bitecommunications team, we took a group of chefs and dietitians on a hands-on tour of an onion farm in South Australia, followed by a delicious 4-course onion-inspired lunch. This humble vegetable punches well above its weight when it comes to being a nutrition powerhouse. So it’s very fitting that today is National onion day - a great reason to celebrate the culinary and health powers of this nutrition ninja. Onions contain folate, vitamin C, prebiotic fibre and many polyphenol antioxidants. Research has linked onions to positive benefits for gut and heart health, brain health, diabetes management and even possible benefits for fertility, bone health, cancer prevention and healthy ageing. So go on, grab an onion and add it to your daily meals. Just half an onion gives you one serve of your daily five serves of veg. ...

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