Do you know that Google receives well over 4 million search queries every single minute of every single day? Now that’s a lot of content!

With “content clutter” now an over-used buzzword, it is harder than ever for dietitians to achieve cut through, especially when anyone can be a publisher and the internet is one giant oyster.


Get Inside Their Head

To be a successful nutrition blogger, you really need to find your writing superpower that will captivate your audience. Try writing a story that conveys a feeling, beyond the actual facts.

Think like a novelist and get inside your “character’s” head (in this case the character is your target audience). Ask yourself what’s really going on inside this character’s head? What’s their motivation in this scene? What emotions are they likely to be feeling as they view this screen? What baggage are they bringing to the situation? Do they have reason to trust you or mistrust you right now? Are they trying to do something for the first time? Are they anxious, confused, frightened, or concerned? Happy, excited, thrilled, overjoyed? Hungry, angry, lonely, tired?

What would be the best way to assuage those fears? What kind of writing would help amplify that joy?

By digging deep and getting to know your audience inside and out, you are more likely to strike an emotional chord that resonates with them long after they have left your web page and will leave a bigger mark for a longer time.

Supersonic Hearing

Writers are incredible snoops. Ask any published author whether or not they eavesdrop and they will unabashedly admit that they do. On trains, on planes, on buses, in cafes, they’re busy using their supersonic hearing to hone in on people’s conversations.

Why do they do this? It’s simple. Ideas and inspiration for stories and blog posts, are everywhere. Writers are simply people who’ve trained themselves to tune in to those ideas when they hear them.

Dietitians are already so well set up to hear stories every day. Whether that is from a client in private practice, a patient in a community setting or a fellow health professional in a hospital, we hear hundreds of interesting nutrition stories every day. What are people around you talking about? What problems are they having? Listen hard and you’ll hear the kernel of an idea in every chat you have.

Find Your Batman Voice

There are millions of blog posts out there talking about lots of different nutrition topics but only YOU can write your blog posts your way. Your voice and your communication style is something that is unique to you and no-one else can own.

Find your inner Batman voice (everybody has one!) and use it to create your own style for your blog posts.

Be Brave

We love super hero’s for their bravery. They are willing to go out there and stand their place despite the dangers and the uncertainty. To be a successful blogger takes guts. You need to be brave to put your thoughts on a public internet page. Controversy works well because not everyone will agree with you and it provokes strong emotions, and that is what gets good cut through.