Our team of food-loving nutritionists and dietitians can assist with all your nutrition marketing needs. With more than 25 years of combined nutrition marketing expertise across a range of industries, we can create tailored and bespoke consulting packages to meet your brand or company needs.

We can offer

  • In-house nutrition and wellness workshops and nutrition programs to improve staff health, motivation and work-life balance
  • Workshops and seminars covering a variety of topics from nutrition trends to sports nutrition and mindful eating in the workplace and at home
  • Early childhood nutrition services including menu and recipe development, staff training and nutrition policy development
  • PR and influencer outreach to show a compelling story and develop meaningful and long term business relationships
  • New product development guidance
  • Nutrition recipe analysis and preparation of nutrition information panels
  • Nutrition copy writing for a range of online and offline media – websites, magazines, social media, product brochures, research reports

Teri’s bio and experience is best viewed on LinkedIn.